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    聯系我們  CONTACT US

    電話:0546-7510823 /  18678662102


    COPYRIGHT ?  2017 東營市勝利新西蘭學校 ALL RIGHT RESERVED      編號:魯ICP備13006353號  技術支持:中企動力東營


    Introduction of the school

    Introduction of the school

    Introduction of the school

    Principal’s words

      A school could not stand without a culture, because it is the core of the school
      A principal could not manage without an idea, because it is the essence of the schools’ improvement
      A Teacher could not inspire without a spirit, because it is the ignition of students’ lives
      A student could not thrive without a dream, because it is the standard of a noble mind.
    ——National Teachers’ Model GEXIN

      Shengli-New Zealand School is a full-time high school which was co-founded in 2003 by Shandong ShengDe Education Investment Co., Ltd., Shandong Shengli Education Industry Development Co., Ltd., and New Zealand EdPAC Co., Ltd. It is the first international school in Shandong Province that is cooperated with New Zealand. It is located in Dongying City where the Yellow River joins into the sea. Dongying is one of the most rapidly developing areas in China, with a pleasant environment and a convenient transportation. Now we have around 500 students including about 100 international students living in our beautiful and well-equipped campus.

    School Characteristics:
    1.Shengli-New Zealand School offers both boarding and day-student educations, aims at the integrity of students’ personalities and their mental health, and encourages our students to be self-respect, self-discipline, confident, and independent.
    2.Small-class teaching which limits the size of every class under 36 students allows us to provide education according to each of our student’s individual differences. Each and every student can be appreciated and taken care of by their teachers.
    3.A combination of eastern and western concepts is applied in teaching so that the students can benefit from the advanced educational methods.
    4.Covering all the basic subjects while putting particular emphasis on the English coursework, we provide mandatory courses as well as extracurricular instructions. We educate in accordance with students’ unique differences, and concentrate on consolidating the basic courses. Our local and foreign teachers cooperate in teaching English for both senior and junior students in order to improve their abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    5.Attaching importance to students’ overall competitiveness both inside and outside of the classroom, Students can broaden their horizons, strengthen their abilities, and enhance their character.
    6.There are lots of interesting extracurricular activities and international communication activities. School Events such as Christmas party, sports meeting, spring tour, mountain-area visits, and Christmas festival are held every year. There are also all kinds of clubs and organizations including science, music, dance, drawing, handwriting, chess, basketball, and table tennis. Students can attend programs in Australia, United States, New-Zealand, Singapore and other countries for study tours, visiting world famous schools, experiencing study abroad and comprehending Western culture. It is a stage to gain an acquaintance with foreign universities for those who have the intention of studying abroad.
    School qualities
    1.From 2006 to 2013, our senior class students have taken part in the National College Entrance Examination and the admission rates to Universities in China still remain more than 50%.
    2.Many students have gone to study abroad, 90% of who were chosen by famous universities in News-Zealand, Australia, Canada, Britain, America and Singapore and so on. Our school has great relationships with these countries and their universities. Our students have the best opportunities.
    English teaching of international class
    1.Teaching method: Small-class, the number of the students is no more than 20.
    2.Textbooks: have an unique English teaching system and assessing system as an intellectual property
    3.Language context: Chinese teachers and foreign native English teachers who co-operate in teaching, which helps students improve their ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing rapidly.
    4.Information resources: The computer and the internet teaching facilities are available and excellent.
    5.IETLS course: we have special courses for students who need to pass the IETLS to study abroad. This course helps students have good marks in the exam in order to meet the requirement of foreign universities.
    6.Bridge course: teachers teach mathematics, science, reading and computer in English, this is a bridge for students from studying in China to abroad.
    Satisfactory guaranteed service of studying abroad
    We help students to apply for visas, picking up the students when they firstly arrive in foreign countries, arranging the accommodation and following their study. Our service is professional, safe, quick and economical. Our school has a high quality English course, 100% IETLS passing rate and 100% visa passing rate.
    Student service
    1.Environment: Shengli-New Zealand School located in staff university in western town of Dongying city, Which is the economic and culture centre of Shengli petroleum.
    2.Facilities: The school has advanced teaching facilities including multi-media classrooms, computer room, laboratory, library and standard sports ground as well as functional rooms of all kinds.
    3.Dormitory: The dormitory is equipped with heating, air, bath and laundry facilities. Dormitory keepers serve 24-hour help.
    4.Cafeteria: Several cafeterias are available for students, who need to use school cards to buy food.
    5.Uniform: all students are required to wear the school uniform while they are on campus. A sufficient amount of supplies are available.
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